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In my current job, when new components are made or enhanced, we often implement features to make them more accessible. One of the last conversations we had was about applying aria-level=”1" in the <h /> tags.

In order to give my feedback, I did some researches and wrote this post hoping to share some useful information with people who are facing similar doubts; contributing to a more accessible web.

I bet everyone has heard what a hackathon is, but if you didn’t:

A hackathon is an event, usually hosted by a tech company or organization, where programmers, students and sometimes even professors get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project.

Currently, as a contractor, I am working full time at Vodafone and get the chance on a regular basis to participate with the hackathons organized there.

I believe hackathons are a great way to break up your coding routine; develop applications using new technologies or approaches; adding value to the company and yourself.

Understand the basics of Webpack from scratch

The first time I heard someone speaking about Webpack, or even a bundler, for me it was like hearing an alien language, an abstract thing, which was doing something magical.

This is my second post regarding my experience in London as a Web developer. To know more about me, to know my story, how I became a Web Developer click HERE.

The graduation day has passed. After the graduation you might think you can finally relax, calmly study, explore London but… no!

The war is open. You have to find a job and get ready!

My name is Marco. As you are reading the blog title, this post is the story of my journey of who I was to who I am now and how my life changed in one year.

FIRST STEP: Opening the University’s door and discovering the world:

In the region of Sardinia, I studied Nursing since 2012 and in April 2016 I graduated. As a young graduate, I was ready for something different and ready to find my way outside a library.

Installa Node.js

Per installare Express.js con questa guida dovrai scaricare ed installare Node.js il quale di default avrà npm. npm ti permette di installare facilmente nuove dependencies nel tuo progetto javascript.

Scarica ed installa Node.js → QUI

Installa ExpressJS:

  • Crea la cartella del tuo progetto e raggiungila dalla Command Line. Puoi fare ciò scrivendo i seguenti comandi:

mkdir my-app-name && cd my-app-name

  • Crea il file package.json per poter installare Express. Scrivi:

npm init -y

Questo comando creerà un file chiamato package.json. È un file che ti permette di installare e gestire le dependencies(librarie esterne, frameworks) installate localmente nel tuo progetto.

  • Ora installa ExpressJS:


Marco Vanali

Software Engineer at NewsUK

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